K-Electric installs more than 1500 new low-cost meters in Allah Bux Goth, Gadap

Karachi: 7th February, 2019 – K-Electric has successfully energized Allah Bux Goth, in the area of Gadap, by installing more than 1,500 new low-cost meters, facilitating over 10,000 consumers as well as dismantling an illegal kunda network in the process and replacing it with kunda-resistant Aerial Bundled Cables (ABCs). The residents of Allah Bux Goth hosted an event to celebrate this milestone which was attended by KE management representatives and the area locals and K-Electric’s efforts to complete this initiative in short time were also appreciated.  

Allah Bux Goth was previously menaced by illegal connections and rampant power-theft, which caused faults and tripping in adjoining areas. According to K-Electric spokesperson, “Through this initiative K-Electric has strengthened the provision of reliable power supply to the residents of Allah Bux Goth. Such great appreciation received from our consumers goes a long way in enabling KE to uplift such communities and inspires our teams to ensure that the ongoing Project Ujala remains in full swing in other parts of the metropolitan city in which K-Electric is continuously installing Aerial Bundled Cables to reduce losses, theft and eventually load-shed.”  

KE has successfully completed similar projects in several other areas including Qalandarabad, Mughal Hazara Goth, Junejo Town, Rozi Goth and Chishti Nagar.

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