China is Interested for The Construction and Operations of Iran Pakistan Gas Pipeline

This gas pipeline will be extended to China for its growing energy needs.

This was disclose by School of International Relations Iran Professor Dr Bahador Aminian Jazi while presenting paper on “Challenges and Opportunity of BRI: Iranian View Point” at International Maritime Conference held at Karachi.

Bahador Aminian Jazi told that Iran Pakistan India gas pipeline project was conceive in 1990. But India withdraw from the project. Iran and Pakistan decided to built this 2700 KM pipeline for the transmission of 144 cubic meter natural gas to Pakistan. Iran build the 1200 KM gas pipeline to its border with Pakistan. but reaming 600 KM pipeline is not contracted in Pakistani border.  

“Chinese company contacted with Iranian government to built this gas pipeline in Pakistan. On this offer negotiations are going on but no agreement ink yet. This pipeline will be extended to China to coupe up its growing energy needs.” Jazi told

Jazi emphasize on Iranian and Pakistani leadership to start talking for the extension of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Char Bahar port of Iran could be part of CPEC and compliment Gwadar Port.   

About Indian investment in Char Bahar, Jazi celerify that it is not military purpose. India get access to Central Asia and Afghanistan via this port. Iran will welcome the foreign investment from India and other countries. 

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