Lahore airport runway condition is getting worst

A massive crake appear at runway of Allama Iqbal Airport Lahore resulted dozens of flights delay. Source told thebizupdate that on Tuesday airline pilots identified a Crake on very critical point of runway.
On this Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) close runway of Lahore airport and start repair work of the damage area. CAA claim that its engineers completed the patch work within two hours. “Runway was close at 11 hours and reopen at 1330 hours. “ CAA Claim CAA further said that this emergency patch work is very important for flight safety. CAA as regulator not compromise on safety. 
Due to unannounced closer of runway at peak time dozen of domestic and international flights  were delay and airlines flight operation facing problems. Thousands of passengers  of different airlines stranded at airport. 
National Flag carrier Pakistan International Airline (PIA) flights were facing delay. PIA flights to Dubai, Oslo, Copenhagen, Manchester, Delhi and Karachi was delayed. 

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