Friday will be weekly holiday in Pakistan?

Islamabad, February 18, 2019: The federal government may consider to replace the weekly holiday from Sunday to Friday to facilitate the business community for better bilateral trade ties with Arab countries.

Although, no official from the federal government has confirmed the reports, however, some authorities have presented suggestion for restoration of the weekly working holiday from Sunday to Friday, which is already a weekly off day in Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Pakistani exporters and traders mainly facing difficulties as they have only five weekly working days i.e. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday for business with Arab countries as Pakistan is observing Sunday as holiday instead of Friday by Arab countries.

An official from Islamabad told that it’s too early to comment on the issue. He said that although Friday is weekly holiday in Arab countries, but Sunday is weekly holiday in most of European Countries and USA and these are much higher markets for Pakistan.

Pakistan’s most of exports are for EU and USA, therefore any decision on the holiday will be taken with consultation of business community, he added

It may be mentioned, in 1990’s Pakistan was also observing Sunday as weekly holiday and the former Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Nawaz Sharif replace it from Sunday to Friday.

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