Knitwear garment exports posts double digit growth

Karachi, February 19, 2019: Knitwear Garment Export Sector has maintained its top/ first position with highest export in Textile export chain with an increase/ growth of 16.25 percent in January 2019 as compared to January 2018.

Year on Year basis, Knitwear Garment Exports grew 11.35 percent during period July to January of this fiscal year (2018-19) over July to January of last fiscal year (2017-18).

Commenting on this performance, Muhammad Jawed Bilwani Central Chairman, Pakistan Hosiery Manufacturers & Exporters Association (PHMA) said that provided the Government accords deserving considerations to our proposals and its implementation and with continuous support from the Government, knitwear garment sector’s can achieve new milestones and its export can be enhanced 20% every year.

 He said that Knitwear Garment Sector is ranking on the top of Textile Group for last three years since 2015-16 also provides highest employment in the Textile Group.

Knitwear Sector includes knitted products of Hoodies, Shirts, T-Shirts, Jersey, Pullover, Trousers, Jackets etc. World imports US $225 billion of knitwear garment products annually, he added.

Bilwani appreciated the Government for taking out all necessary measures for enhancement of exports by according priority to export sectors and introducing separate tariff of Gas and Electricity enabling them to enhance the export efficiency.

“If the Government gives genuine considerations to the proposals of knitwear sector and addressing all their problems and issues, Pakistan being the fifth largest cotton producer, knitwear sector alone would be 50% of total textile in next few years. He also termed the knitwear sector as the lifeline of exports”, he added.



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