NAB not issued arrest warrant of AKD

Karachi, February 26, 2019: The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) court has not issued arrest warrant of Aqeel Karim Dhedhi- a prominent stockbroker and real estate tycoon, reliable sources said.

For the last three days, there were rumors that a NAB court in Islamabad has issued arrest warrant of Aqeel Karim Dhedhi (AKD).

“There is no truth that warrants have been issued against AKD. It seems that his rivals are spreading false and baseless news with no evidence”, sources said.

All false cases against AKD filed by rivals have been proved wrong including Amtex case.

FIA in an inquiry, conducted in August last year, admitted that it could not find any evidence against the capital market tycoon in Amtex scandal.

The final report, prepared by the FIA committee comprising its additional director corporate crime circle and additional director law, has reached the conclusion that there is no use of re-investigating the role of the brokerage house office in Amtex case.

In their final report titled “False Implication of AKD Securities in EOBI Scandal” submitted to the FIA Sindh director, senior officials of the FIA have come up with the conclusion that further efforts to establish the role of AKD Securities in the multi-million rupees scam would be a “futile exercise”.

However, once again some elements are engaged to defame the leading business tycoon AKD just for personal interest.

Sources claimed that, Waseem Abbasi, who twitted news of issuance of warrant, reportedly, is also trying to support some SECP officials, whom have been removed and sidelined.

“Waseem Abbassi is spreading false rumors about AKD warrants. Since all cases against AKD are one by one being proved wrong so now opponent are getting stressful”, a person close to AKD said.

Dehdhi always discourage the corruption and spoken bluntly at all forums for the betterment and interest of the country. He even proved himself a shield against all the corrupt mafia in the larger interest of the country.

“I will surrender all my assets in favor of government of Pakistan, if a single penny corruption will be proven against me”, AKD offered several times and still valid.

AKD is confident and have no doubt on the integrity of chairman NAB as he believed that Chairman is beyond influence of Waseem Abbasi & his bosses and two Samdhis as well. 

AKD has also announced to file a case against Waseem Abbasi for spreading false and misleading information.

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