Imran Khan invites India for talks

ISLAMABAD, February 27, 2019: Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan on Wednesday once again has invited India for talks for peace in the region.

Addressing the nation on Wednesday in the wake of tension between Pakistan and India, he said “We Pakistan offered India that Pakistan is ready to cooperate with them in any kind of investigation after the Pulwama (Indian occupied Kashmir) attack as we know the grief the families.”

He said our (Pakistan) plan from the start was that no casualties for India and the purpose of reaction was just to show India that what can we do, if they enter in our space.

“After arrival of Indian jets in Pakistan territory, we take a responsible step and didn’t take any action against India because we didn’t know the full extent of damage otherwise it would be an irresponsible action. That’s why we waited for final reports,” he said.

He said that Pakistan has already suffered casualties in the past so we are offering to cooperate with India as terrorism is not in Pakistan’s interests. However, he warned that Pakistan would be forced to respond if India carried out aggression.

Prime Minister said that if the current situation escalated then nobody knows where will it go and it won’t be in Modi’s or my control. “Therefore, I once again invited you (Modi) for dialogue and we should resolve our problems through talks,” he asserted.

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