Imran Khan Hints at Good news for Pakistan

Islamabad, March 25, 2019: Prime Minister Imran Khan hints at discovery of major oil reserves in Arabian Seas. Imran Khan said this during his interaction with senior journalists on Thursday.

In the end of March the good news about the huge oil reserves shall be publicly announced. These guys have already gone down over 5000 feet with great revelations while refinery matters are being settled in Singapore.

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Oil reserves are said to be bigger than Saudi Arabia and Qatar jointly while gas is yet to be gauged for technical reasons. Wait and pray. We are going to be the biggest crude oil exporter of this region very soon.

Some Salient features of the oil reserves are, Indus Block G has 10 pockets of reserves in which four of these pockets are interconnected and 6 are independent pockets, each pocket is roughly 250 – 300 sq km. There are several drilling points for each pocket, ranging from a depth of 5,200 meters to 5,800 meters.

The point where drilling is being done is an independent pocket. Meanwhile the pocket is estimated to yield 500+ Million Barrels of Oil and 20 BCF of Gas. The quantity of oil and gas is impressive and quality is also higher grade.

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The remaining 3 pockets are of higher grade than Kekra-1 and others are of similar grade as Kekra-1. From the 3 pockets that are of higher grade than Kekra-1, two are interconnected and their combined area is about 600 sq km.

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