Samsung Pakistan Opens Premium Outlet at Lucky One Mall Karachi

Karachi, April 14, 2019: As part of its efforts to provide its customers with access to the latest technology through high performing smartphones, TVs and mobile accessories, Samsung Pakistan, the world’s leader in electronic appliances, recently opened its premium outlet at Lucky One Mall in Karachi.

Built over 3.6 million square feet with 10 floors, 200 stores, a parking space for over 3,000 cars and a maximum footfall of over 100,000 every day, Lucky One Mall has become the country’s best destinations for premium shopping and has thus emerged as the top choice for Samsung Pakistan for the opening of its outlet.

Head of Samsung mobile business Umar Ghuman also attends the ribbon cutting ceremony.
Head of Samsung mobile business Umar Ghuman also attends the ribbon cutting ceremony held in Lucky one mall Karachi.

The Samsung premium outlet will provide an entirely new buying experience for customers with exciting displays of its innovative smartphones and mobile accessories.

It also aims to be the boldest retail expression of Samsung brand DNA with state-of-the-art gaming and photo booths, LFDs, music and wearable tables so as to allow customers to get a first-hand experience of Samsung’s efficient technology. The Samsung premium outlet also offers its customers with a premium service experience inside the outlet.

With the opening of its new premium outlet, Samsung Pakistan hopes to cater to the needs of a much wider target market as well as offer a complete buyer journey from attraction right up to sales.

The store has been designed to appeal to individuals who wish to remain ahead of the curve and gain access to efficient, high performing devices that allow them to get the most out of their viewing and overall technology experience.

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