Custom Court Blocked 20 bank accounts involved in money laundering

Karachi, April 17, 2019: The Custom Court ordered to block 20 different bank accounts mentioned in the FBR application in 3 cases of money laundering and sending US dollars abroad.

The hearing of the case of sending US dollars abroad, billions of rupees money laundering and unidentified accounts was held in Karachi’s customs court. The FBR officer said that more than 4 million US dollar money laundering trial were filed against a family of Karachi, the accused included Pervez Ali, daughters Sarah, Anam Ali and son Jibran.

Investigation Officer said that the suspects opened 11 bank accounts in 2016 for money laundering and have moved 4 million 94 thousand 500 US dollars so far. The second case is an unrecognized account, in which money has been transferred from July 1, 2015 till June 30, 2018, in three years a total of 36 billion 94million US dollars was been deposited, he added.

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