China extends $6 bln loan to Pakistan on zero pc: envoy

Islamabad, April 22, 2019: Chinese Ambassador Zhou Jing says China has loaned $6 billion to Pakistan with zero interest rate and those, who are trying to sabotage CPEC projects are offenders of development. While including India any country can participate in CPEC.

Chinese ambassador Zhou Jing while briefing on the Belt and Road forum, said that we are welcoming the efforts to facilitate business in Pakistan and will help the Pakistani private sector to develop.

Pakistan China trade has a great imbalance, CPEC is a combined and mutual benefit plan, the bilateral trade is in favour of China, there is a trusted partnership between Pakistan and China.

Pakistan is not important only because of CPEC but by all the reason between (Pak-China) is important, as well as the development of China. Pakistan’s development is China’s development, and also Pakistan is our main partner, he concluded.

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