City Traders Alliance meets Leading industry of delegation Aqil Karim

Karachi, April 24, 2019: All City Traders Union led by President Hamad Poonawala, met the leading industrialist, Aqil Karim Dhahdi in his home.

Regarding the Economy, the emerging situation of the country and the discussion was made on the actions taken by the government and the problems the public faced in the current situation.

Hammad Punawala further said that Aqeel Karim Dhahdi has always taken steps towards the problems faced by the public and industrialists while presenting in the social and welfare tasks, at the government level. Due to these activities of Aqeel Karim Dhahdi, the government has honored him with Sitara-e-Imtiaz.

President of All City Trader Union, Hammad Poonawala congratulates Aqil Karim Dhahdi on the award of the third highest honor and civilian award in the State of Pakistan.

On this occasion, All City Trader Union also present a memorable shield to Aqeel Karim Dhahdi. 

In the delegation of All City Traders Union Abdul Qadir, Arif Jaiwa, Ehsan Islam Gujjar, Taha Mushtaq, Mohammad Faisal Hassanzai, Owais Ajmeri, Aqeel Sheikh, Mohammad Ali Fida and other members along with Hamad Poonawala.Attachments area

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