HBL Recognized at the BRI Forum in China

Karachi, May 1, 2019: HBL A delegation from HBL led by President & CEO HBL Muhammad Aurangzeb, attended the financial forums held under the aegis of 2nd Belt and Road (BRI) Forum for International Cooperation, in Beijing, China. HBL was invited as a guest of the Chinese Ministry of Finance and People’s Bank of China.

The 2nd Belt and Road Bankers Roundtable held on 24 April 2019. The event was hosted by ICBC and participated by the leading banks from BRI countries. Aurangzeb was the only panellist from Pakistani banks who spoke at the panel.

Speaking at the Roundtable, Aurangzeb President & CEO HBL stressed on exploring pro-active measures to strengthen cooperation in green finance development. He also emphasized t importance of risk management & project governance by raising capacity and service standards to better empower Belt and Road cooperation.

HBL President also attended the Financial Connectivity forum. The forum was hosted jointly by the Chinese Ministry of Finance and People’s Bank of China. At the forum, 27 global institutions signed up to a set of voluntary principles, the Green Investment Principles (GIP), to promote green investment in the Belt and Road region. HBL signed two agreements at the forum.

As Pakistan’s largest Bank, and the largest executor of CPEC related financing in Pakistan, HBL is positioned to play an integral role towards a greener CPEC, with the ultimate goal of a greener BRI”.

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