Sublime Virtue of Service to Humanity

Compassion, kindness and a passion of purpose bring forth the unparalleled expression of “khair” and “barakah” that makes this world a better place to live for generations to come. This element of khair manifests itself in stories of great service and contribution to society.

To witness this, a 13-member team of Falah-e-Khandaan, Lahore based NGO working for the welfare of family unit, led by the President Afia Sarwar, undertook an exploratory and informative visit to the orphanage centre, Agosh Homes run by Alkhidmat Foundation at Sheikhupura, Sharakpur Road. They were accompanied by members of AlKhidmat Foundation. 

Upon reaching the complex housed on a massive 17-acre land, donated by its owner to AlKhidmat Foundation for charitable purposes, the visiting team was briefed by Ms Saba on the salient features of AlKhidmat Foundation’s Orphan Care Program. She stated that 10 Agosh Homes run under the umbrella of Alkhidmat Orphan Care Program has become an exemplary hallmark of their contribution to society.

These orphanages now house 750 orphans across Pakistan and another centre has recently been set up in Turkey. She added that after the successful completion of Agosh Islamabad (Girls) centre, Alkhidmat Women Wing is endeavouring to set up a new Agosh Home for girls in the Sheikhupura complex. They are also raising funds for the girls’ centre and construction work is currently being done round the clock.

She further stated that orphans are admitted and accepted in the orphanages after meticulous paperwork to ensure the effective functioning of the centres.

Falah-e-Khandaan team toured the formidable building and expressed great satisfaction at the outstanding management and services offered in the boys’ centre. Agosh Sheikhupura Centre is a huge, multi-storeyed complex comprising of a capacity of 200 boys.

The complex houses state-of-the-art computer centres, spacious dining halls, lodging rooms, recreational playground facilities, organized and hygienic kitchen setup, library and prayer rooms and big, auditorium halls. The complex is monitored by surveillance cameras to provide security to the boys. 

Speaking on the occasion, the honourable Afia Sarwar expressed her admiration for the impressive services rendered by Alkhidmat Foundation for the welfare of the orphans. She pledged all kinds of assistance and collaboration between Falah-e-khandaan and Alkhidmat Foundation for the furtherance of the purpose of service and charity in the society. She stated that these orphans, raised with love, care, and religious moral and social values will go on to contribute to society in meaningful ways.

She also distributed books as mementoes to the children in the centre and prayed that the girls’ centre being constructed continues the legacy of Alkhidmat Foundation’s welfare work in the society.

By Amber Kafil Khan

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