PSX, PSA welcomes the appointment of Shabbar Zaidi as Chairman: FBR

Karachi, May 16, 2019: The members of PSX Stockbrokers Association (PSA) welcomes the appointment of Shabbar Zaidi, a renowned and respectable tax expert, who had also been on the board of the Stock Exchange as an independent director.

He is fully aware of the working of the Capital Market and had contributed greatly to safeguarding the interests of the investors. The members also welcome his opening statement of not harassing honest taxpayers. He is aware of the facts that all investors have Unique Identification Number (UIN), generated on the basis of CNICs.

He is also aware that the Stock Market is fully documented. It is hoped that to expand the tax base, the CNICs of all investors would be used to make them tax compliant. The Stock Brokers feel that Zaidi will add great value and respect to the working of FBR. We also appreciate the amnesty scheme authored by Shabbar Zaidi.

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