PIA pilot unloads a Fasting-air attendant from the plane

Islamabad, May 17, 2019: The PIA captain unloads a Fasting-air host of the flight from Islamabad to Birmingham, and demands that the air host will have to break his fast to go with the flight.

According to PIA sources, The Flight PK-791 from Islamabad to Birmingham, the argument held between the captain and aerial host. The captain said the air host was fasting so he cannot be taken on the flight.
The air host said that there is no law and neither written anywhere that there is a ban on fasting. The captain claim that the aircraft crew cannot be kept fast during the flight.

Sources said the captain told the air host that if he breaks fast then he will be taken to flight, otherwise he will not operate the flight.

The spokesperson PIA says there is no ban on fasting, the captain should not have to unload the hostess on fasting during flight, all the action will be taken against captain after the return of the flight.

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