Mufti Muhammad Hassan appointed as Chairman of Shari’ah Advisory Board

Karachi, May 22, 2019: Mufti Muhammad Hassaan Kaleem has been appointed the new chairman of Shari’ah Advisory Board for Pak-Qatar Takaful group. Mufti Muhammad Hassaan Kaleem had already been serving as a member of Shari’ah Pak-Qatar Takaful for more than a decade since the company’s inception in 2007.

Former Justice Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani had earlier been serving as Shari’ah Board Chairman for Pak-Qatar Takaful and Shari’ah member for many Islamic Financial institutions over the past two decades. However, due to recent poor health conditions and major involvement in academic projects, Mufti Taqi has decided to be succeeded by his preferred nominee and henceforth discontinue his services at Pak-Qatar Takaful Group as Chairman Shari’ah Advisory Board.

He had recently withdrawn from a number of other financial institutions as well accordingly. He has nominated prominent figure of Islamic Finance Industry, Mufti Muhammad Hassaan Kaleem on his behalf to take the charge which is a clear indication of his trust and confidence.

Mufti Hassaan Kaleem apart from his over a decade role as a member of Shari’a Advisory Board for Pak-Qatar Takaful is currently also serving as Member of Shari’ah Board for Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan (DIBPL) and is also Country Head of Shari’ah, DIBPL. Mufti Hassaan has vast experience in matters related to Shari’ah teachings and advisory and has been teaching various courses in Islamic Studies and Arabic at Dar-ul-Uloom Karachi for the last many years.

Mufti Taqi Usmani stated, “My relationship with Pak-Qatar Takaful Group will never end and I will continue to offer my guidance whenever required. I have best wishes for the group and would like Pak-Qatar to continue its cause (Takaful) for spreading awareness amongst the masses.”

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