Profitability down by 1.2pc YoY during 3QFY19

Karachi, May 27, 2019: Earnings of the KSE-100 index depicted a downturn of 1.2 percent YoY during 3QFY19. Based on sectoral weight, this was led primarily by Cements (-7.8 percent YoY; 5.7 percent weight), Oil & Gas Marketing Companies (-65 percent YoY; 4.3 percent weight), Automobile Assemblers (-44 percent YoY; 3.1 percent weight), and Pharmaceuticals (-34 percent YoY; 1.9 percent weight).

Whereas sectors that remained top performers were Commercial Banks (+2.1 percent YoY; 28.0 percent weight), Oil & Gas Exploration Companies (+35 percent YoY; 15.7 percent weight), Fertilizers (+5.7 percent YoY; 14.3 percent weight), Power Generation & Distribution (+21.5 percent YoY; 6.5 percent weight), Chemicals (-10 percent YoY; 2.0 percent weight), and Miscellaneous (-63 percent YoY; 1.8 percent weight).

In particular, profitability during 9MFY19 declined by 4.3 percent YoY driven by profits’ attrition in heavyweight Commercial Banks (-27.2 percent YoY) while Oil & Gas Exploration Companies (+46 percent YoY) and Fertilizers (+20.1 percent YoY) posted profitability improvements.

The sequential downturn in bottom-line of the KSE100 index arrived at 3.5 percent QoQ led by pressure faced by Oil & Gas Exploration Companies (-8.8 percent QoQ) and Fertilizers (-23 percent QoQ).

Sectors leading the profitability chart during 9MFY19 were Synthetic & Rayon (+147.8 percent YoY), Textile Weaving (+143.5 percent YoY), and Vanaspati & Allied Industries (+137.3 percent YoY). During 3QFY19, Textile Weaving (+158.8 percent YoY), Woolen (+139.7 percent YoY) and Paper & Board (+102.0 percent YoY) led the earnings chart of the index.

During 3QFY19, the KSE100 index rose by 1,583 points (+4.3 percent QoQ) majorly owing to Banks (919 points), Oil & Gas Exploration Companies (814 points) and Fertilizers (617 points).

During 9MFY19, the KSE100 index declined by 3,259 points (-7.8 percent YoY) with the bearish trend being led by Commercial Banks (-317 points), E&P Companies (-298 points), Cement (-497 points) and the Power sector (-387 points). On the other hand, Fertilizers (+632 points) and Tobacco (+193 points) contributed positively to the index.  

We have based our analysis on the KSE100 index companies. 94 companies have announced their results and have been included in this analysis while the remaining 6 companies have not yet disclosed their results. The companies which have been included in our analysis represent almost 96% of the market capitalization of the benchmark bourse.

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