Dell Technologies Expanding Its Businesses in Pakistan

Karachi, June 20, 2019: Dell Technologies in Pakistan has witnessed the tremendous expansion of its business in Pakistan for the products of customers and enterprises solutions, said Chue Chee Wei, General Manager Asia Emerging Market Channels Dell Technologies.

Speaking at the press conference held in the sideline of Dell Technologies Symposium 2019, he said the company is going its business in operations gradually since its official launch of operations three years ago.

The adoption of technology by the people and organizations is overwhelming in the Pakistani market which is largely based on tech-savvy youth. The population of Pakistan is immensely exceeding than other countries including Singapore, Vietnam and others, and it is a very important factor for companies like Dell Technologies.

Naveed Siraj, General Manager Pakistan and Afghanistan, Dell Technologies said the scope of doing business in Pakistan is immense in spite of economic challenges for operating in Pakistan.

Not only the private sector but the public sector is our focus as well through automation of the systems and revenue collections tools, he said. The smart cities project is being popular across the world and it is indispensible in Pakistan too which could be done through Artificial Intelligence, Machines Learning, Deep Learning and etc.

Technology is the catalyst, fuel and currency of the economy. It plays a vital role of accelerator to GDP growth rate, he remarked.

He added the data insights provided by Dell Technologies workforce solutions can help customers save both cost and time, enabling them to focus on making strategic decisions and providing their employees with customized devices that are more receptive to their work efficiency.

At the symposium, Dell Technologies unveiled its new modern workforce and infrastructure solutions transforming the IT landscape – from the edge to the core to the cloud. The latest technologies are poised to deliver the foundation customers need to process, transport, store, protect and consume data – wherever it lives.

Dell Technologies leadership team emphasized how data is the new currency, as well as the growing need to embrace transformation across different operations, business applications and processes in order to extract maximum value from data.

“Artificial Intelligence (AI) is your rocket ship, and data is the fuel. To be competitive in the future, it is necessary for companies to leverage technology tools, such as software, data, AI and Internet of Things, at record speed as well as scale,” said Khun Anothai, Vice President Asia Emerging Markets, Dell Technologies, at the event. “As a technology provider, our goal is to resolve the issues faced by our customers not only in the present but also in the future.”

Accessibility to data is at the core of business transformation and modern enterprises are increasingly relying on cloud to help accelerate the delivery of innovative services powered by data to the business, ultimately delivering new experiences to their customers. The Dell Technologies Cloud portfolio consists of the new Dell Technologies Cloud Platforms and the new Data Center-as-a-Service offerings. These offerings enable a flexible range of IT and management options with tight integration and a single vendor experience for purchasing, deployment, services and financing.

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