More than 12 million 4G Subscribers, Zong 4G is the most preferred 4g network

Islamabad, June 24, 2019: Pakistan’s No.1 Data Network, Zong 4G,  the first and only telecom operator with more than 12 million 4G subscribers, has been dominating the 4G arena with fastest and seamless connectivity. With the growing 4G subscriber base, one of the biggest stars from the Pakistani entertainment industry and a youth icon, Hamza Ali Abbasi has also joined, Zong 4G’s widest and largest network.

Leveraging on state of the art technology, the company is providing unmatched data connectivity to people and continues to be customer’s foremost preference in Pakistan and is poised to be the unrivaled leader in the telecom market. By bridging distances, making customers digitally equipped with the latest products and services that they need in this day, Zong 4G is at the forefront of leading Pakistan’s data revolution from the ground-up, enabling students, budding entrepreneurs and people from all walks of life to experience the digital lifestyle.

Pakistan’s No.1 Data Network purports to the most advanced and modernized network. The company’s state-of-the-art network spreads around more than 400 cities with over 11,000 operational 4G sites, is a manifestation of its Network Leadership in the industry.

Cognizant to its customer-centric strategic vision, Pakistan’s No.1 Data Network’s teams are providing, first-hand care for customer’s queries at multiple fronts to people from all walks of life. The in-house customer care center operating 24/7 is addressing customers concerns. In addition, the digital e-care channels are taking customer care to unprecedented heights, by ensuring that all queries of the new age customers are addressed timely. Thriving in the digital era, the unmatched customer care services truly defines the company’s Service Leadership in the industry.

The recent 4G network expansion is enabling capabilities for consumers to be connected at every sphere of life. The recent accolade of ‘Best in 4G Services’ from Consumers Association of Pakistan is a testament to Zong 4G’s Leadership in the market and being the foremost preference of millions of Pakistani’s.

With the technological  prowess and financial muscle of World’s Largest Communication Network, China Mobile Communication Corporation, Zong 4G will continue to lead the future with unparalleled innovation,  largest 4G footprint and enhanced customer experience to provide seamless, fastest and reliable connectivity and cutting-edge solutions to its customers

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