Crackdown on Smuggling – Deputy collector of Customs Attacked

During a crackdown on smuggling activity all over the country. Abdul Qudoos Shaikh, Deputy collector of customs has been attacked.

Quetta, July 5, 2019: During regular anti-smuggling operations Abdul Qadoos Shaikh, deputy collector along with his team intercepted a truckload of tiles near Kolpur, Balochistan. The truck smuggled items were seized and was being escorted by the deputy Collector when, Upon reaching Gahi Khan Chowk, the smugglers rammed their vehicle into the official vehicle of the customs officer forcing it to stop. The officer was then pulled out of his car and forcibly assaulted with SMG butts, As a result, the Officer is critically injured and admitted in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Combined Military hospital (CMH), Quetta.

Abdul Qudoos Shaikh, Deputy collector of customs .

The Customs Service and its Officers Association’s severely condemns the incident and cowardly attack of smugglers and their accomplices.

It is pertinent to mention that keeping pace with the resolve of the incumbent government to boost local economic activity, a county-wide crackdown on the smuggling activity has been launched by enforcement units of Pakistan Customs. This incident of brutal attack upon a Deputy Collector of Customs with the intention to mortally Kill him is a direct challenge to the writ of the state and working environment of the Customs Service.

Pakistan Customs Officers condemn this cowardly act of terrorizing government officers while performing their official duties. The Officers of Custom Service bring on record their resolve to forcefully enforce the on-going crackdown on smuggling activities with an iron hand. All the officers and staff of the Pakistan Customs Service stand united, Committed and steadfast in this moment of grief with the injured Custom officer. The Customs Service, across its rank and file, assures the government of its highest resolve to fight the menace of smuggling with all the possible means and methods available to the service.

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