First Pakistani Online Service “Siayara” Launched

Karachi, July 11, 2019: Pakistan has started its online taxi service through Siayara Application and for now operating in Karachi only.

Syed Amir Hussain director finance of the SiayaraApp while talking to thebizupdate representative said, that thousands of Pakistanis have downloaded this app on their smartphone with the launch of the Siayara online taxi. The online taxi service starts in Karachi with 2,000 Cars.

He further said that Siayara is a Pakistani local company, the fare of this online taxi is low compared to other taxi services, it will increase employment in Karachi, reduce traffic rush and promote advanced technologies. the Siayara Online Taxi has been praised by Karachi citizens, It has been called a gift for Karachities.

Siayara Online Taxi information can be found easily on meanwhile you can download it via Google Play or Play Store on your Smartphone.

This online taxi service is perfect for online taxi passengers, which aims to provide trust and sure service to passengers. The Siayara Online service believes in providing job opportunities in Pakistan, he added.

Driver/Pilots earns money with Siayara online taxi without any commission or additional charges, can work according to their own needs, so every driver/pilot person and his family will get a better quality life.

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