Dawlance Introduces ‘SYNC’ – first ever ‘smart’ home appliances solution of Pakistan

Karachi, July 15, 2019: Dawlance has now pioneered an ‘Internet-of-Things’ (IoT) platform, for the first time in Pakistan, which the consumers can operate very conveniently, through a powerful Mobile-App. IoT is a revolutionary concept, like electronic products, home-appliances and digital-devices can now be embedded with internet connectivity. So, all forms of electronic hardware and devices can now communicate and interact with each other, over the Internet. Consumers can remotely monitor and control all their electronic products.

This Mobile-Application from Dawlance named – “SYNC”, is powered by Homewhiz. It provides an IoT solution to connect 4 major categories of home-appliances: Refrigerators, Split Inverters, Microwave Ovens and Washing Machines. It offers great convenience to consumers who can now control their Dawlance appliances, on-the-go, from anywhere in the world.

Being the leading brand of home-appliances in Pakistan, Dawlance has ventured into digital excellence. Dawlance has an international collaboration with Arcelik – a Turkish enterprise with global leadership in technologies. Therefore, Dawlance has a great advantage for innovation that makes its consumers’ lives much more comfortable. The SYNC App by Dawlance promises the next-level of IoT convenience, through the convergence of the latest technologies.

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Syed Hasan Jameel, Marketing & Sales Director at Dawlance expressed his delight, as SYNC is getting an overwhelming response from the consumers. He stated that: “This breakthrough has established Dawlance as the first and only brand of home appliances in Pakistan to launch a powerful IoT solution. We believe in proactively fulfilling the evolving needs of various customer segments because, in today’s fast-paced world, business and industries can only become sustainable, if consumers’ satisfaction is their first priority.”

Using SYNC, on-the-go, the consumers can now venture into the fascinating world of connected appliances, to make meals, do laundry, economise their electricity bills and do much more, as the home solutions across the world are becoming more digitized and convenient. For further details, please visit: Dawlance Website

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