Govt has taken measure for enhancing the economic activities, imran ismail

Governor sindh given assurance to PCDMA for the solution of their problems and meeting with concerned department.

Discrimination in taxes causes billions of rupees revenue losses, uniform taxes will be applied for commercial and industrial importers ,Shahid Vaseem

Karachi, July 17, 2019: Imran Ismail, Governor Sindh, has said that govt. has taken maximum resources for enhancing the economic activities and problems will solve very soon. The government knows the problem of businessman and solve it on a priority basis.

This was said in a meeting with the delegation of PCDMA  led by Chairman Shahid Vaseem which included Vice Chairman Saleem Nini Ex-Chairman Muhammad Naseer Senior member Nasir Hayat Magoon, Mansoor Hakim uddin and Khozema Safri were also present.

Governor Sindh has assured his full support for the solution of problems but at the same time the Businessman will support the policies of Govt for economic growth of Country and the Govt will never leave them alone but always support them He further said he will call a meeting with the concerned department with PCDMA so that their problem will solve on priority basis

Chairman PCDMA, Shahid Vaseem, informed the Governor of Sindh that the higher rate of WHT on imports of raw material by commercial importers than on imports of industrial importers causes of revenue losses annually to the Exchequer.

The inequality in taxes attracts unscrupulous persons to import the raw materials in the grab of industrial importers and sell it in the open market in as it is the condition, without any process. The closed industrial units and the number of units in operation are also taking advantage of this flawed and skewed policy and import it for commercial activities.

It may be noted that the raw materials either have been imported by commercial importers or industrial importers, it is finally used in the manufacturing process. Therefore, equal tax rate should be levied on both categories of importers.

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Shahid Vaseem mentioned the pathetic condition of joria bazaar to Governor of Sindh and invite him to visit the Area. It is surprising that this area which is commercial hub of the city place the scene of slum area / kuchra kundi as one sees there is total mess in the Area due to encroachment and illegal occupation and there is not any system of traffic as every now and then there is traffic jam due to these problems and no security system so our foreign dignitaries who visited the Association before are reluctant to visit now  which place not good image of country outside Pakistan.

We hope that authorities concerned would do something of the situation stated above and request to Governor to allocate a separate place to the members of PCDMA to store chemical outside from congested residential area so we can convince our members to shift the go-down.

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