Maweshi Mandi – The Hub of Activity

Maweshi Mandi, located on the busy Super Highway of Karachi is Asia’s largest cattle mandi. Much thought and effort have gone into the planning, operation, and administration of such a large scale project. Now, fully operational, Maweshi Mandi presents a gleaming spectacle like a diamond.

People from different parts of Karachi continue to visit Maweshi Mandi along with their families. The huge crowds throng the venue with the intention of having a real good time spending some quality moments with their families. This has made Maweshi Mandi the hub of activities and a center of attraction. The stream of visitors continued unabated until the late hours of the night.

But what were people doing at Maweshi Mandi? There were lots of interesting things to do! While some of them were busy in taking selfies with cattle, others were busy in petting cattle. Yet, others were busy in negotiating the price of cattle and moving on. Hence, there was never a dull moment.

According to the Official Spokesman of Maweshi Mandi, Yawar Raza Chawla, Maweshi Mandi has attracted leading cattle farms. These farms such as Kainath Dairy Farm, Jamal Cattle Farm, Sikrin Cattle Farm, and 786 Cattle Farms are appropriately located in the VIP block of Maweshi Mandi. The high profile cattle farms present a fascinating view along with the line-up of beautiful cattle which have been all decked up as a bride.

All these assets also need full-time security. The Management of Maweshi Mandi has therefore also beefed up security measures for ensuring safety for all stakeholders including cattle traders, visiting public, and service providers.

The nearby food street presents a fabulous array of mouth-watering cuisine to visitors who enjoy the delicious food before leaving for home. According to the Official Spokesman, Maweshi Mandi, strict instructions have been issued to all owners of food stalls in food street making it mandatory for them to display the rate list. Failure to display the rate would attract imposition of Rs. 5000 as fine. A repeat violation would attract a fine of Rs. 25,000.

Meanwhile, all cattle traders and visitors can register their complaints at the Media Cell in Maweshi Mandi which works round the clock.

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