IHIG launches Global Resort exchange in Pakistan

Karachi, July 29, 2019: The International Hospitality Investment Group (IHIG), with their vision for developing tourism industry of Pakistan, has now brought Global Resort Exchange (GRE) to operate from Pakistan.

This comes after IHIG launched their vacation owner system called Happily just 3 months ago.

GRE is a United States-based company. It is the first ever vacation exchange company to operate in Pakistan. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of IHIG – United Kingdom.

IHIG–UK has two arms; vacation ownership and discount booking engine. GRE makes it easy for members to spend vacation time with the flexibility to choose on how and when they want to do vacation with a wide variety of valuable benefits.

With GRE on its portfolio, IHIG opens the gates for Pakistan tourism industry to the world outside.

GRE is working on resort exchange platform across the globe. Happily Vacation Owners have opportunity to exchange their locally bought vacation owners with more than 70,000 GRE-affiliated resorts and hotels in more than 103 countries across the globe.

Vacation Owners get 30-70 percent discount on hotel bookings made from GRE platform. GRE facilitates more than 150,000 vacation owners through its exchange server worldwide. GRE will provide an opportunity to its global customers to have international standard experience at IHIG operated hotels in Pakistan.

International Vacation Owners are able to avail more options in Pakistan compared with any other exchange servers available worldwide; yet another first for Pakistan’s tourism industry. This will expand and attract tourism within the country.

Noorul Asif, the Chief Executive Officer of IHIG while explaining GRE said, “The vacation system of IHIG – Happily is provides extensive list of high-end hotels and resorts in Pakistan and the rest of the world. This is made possible by GRE’s unique network of hotels/resorts world-wide. More importantly, Vacation Owners around the world are exposed to options in Pakistan that was previously unknown to them. This to me is our biggest achievement.”

With GRE’s launch, families in Pakistan can spend their vacation within Pakistan and outside Pakistan to create lifetime of memories with the cost-effective Happily Vacation Ownership System.

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