Toyota Motors releases public notice of some 17 Toyota cars stolen

Karachi, July 29, 2019: After the termination the dealership of Toyota Gujranwala Motors (TGUJM) on 13 May 2019. Toyota motors release a public notice in which they mention that “17 vehicles received by Toyota Gujranwala Motors for onward delivery to our customers, have been stolen along with their sales certificates and sale invoices including other documents.”

They also requested to the concerned departments to ensure that, “The vehicles to not be registered. In case these vehicles have been registered, then the registration of these vehicles to be canceled immediately, and inform Police.”

termination dealership Toyota motors public notice
Stolen Vehicles list releases by Toyota Motors.

In the notice Toyota Motors also warned the consumers that, “to remain vigilant and do not purchase any of these vehicles (Mention in the notice) from the market, as these are stolen goods and company is pursuing strict legal action with regard to the theft and recovery of these vehicles, In case if anyone is unknowingly in possession of any of the mentioned vehicles, please beware that stolen property will remain in your custody and you should report the matter to the police.

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Furthermore, The Toyota Motors also guided the person who unknowingly has the possession of the stolen car that “In order to assist the company and law enforcement agencies with investigations, you are requested to kindly contact the Company with the complete details of the third party from whom you have purchased/obtained the vehicle.”

For further queries or information kindly contact Toyota customer service center at 0800-111-23.

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