IMC wins at Toyota Asia pacific skill contest

Karachi, July 31, 2019: Hosted by Toyota Global, an annual competition for Toyota Technicians, the Asia Pacific Skill Contest 2019 was held in Thailand.

There were 121 participants in the contest belonging to 12 Toyota affiliated companies from 8 countries of the Asia Pacific region.

The Indus Motor’s technicians from various categories participated in the Contest and had an opportunity to display their skills and talent on the international platform. They bagged five medals this year. The winners were:

Three Silver Medals: In Paints category Ather Mirza, Team Member, in Assembly category Yasir Ahmed, Team Leader and in Quality category Ghadeer Abbas, Team Member.

Two Bronze Medals: In Press category Asif Khan, Team Leader and in Quality category Haris Moin, Team Member.

The IMC CEO, Ali Asghar Jamali welcomed the success of the IMC team with great enthusiasm. He said, “The IMC technicians have the talents and skills of international standards. They have an excellent understanding of the scope of their specific skill levels and their training is of the highest level.”

He further added,“They really made us proud because it is through their efforts that IMC has become an outstanding name in the Toyota world. This encourages us to offer our customers even higher standards of service and unmatched quality in our products.”

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