Oxford University Press Donates ‘Platinum Series’ to KPC

Karachi, August 1, 2019: Oxford University Press (OUP), a department of the University of Oxford and a leading publishing house, donated their ‘Platinum Series’ of books to the Karachi Press Club (KPC) Library.

The activity was commemorated through a brief ceremony held at Karachi Press Club (KPC). The event was organized to highlight OUP’s contribution towards journalism and media literacy.

The Platinum Series was introduced by Oxford University Press in celebration of Pakistan’s 70th anniversary.

The series comprises over 70 titles focusing on Pakistan and covering a broad spectrum of disciplines: from history, gender studies, economics, sociology, and politics to literature, art, culture, anthropology and much more.

Written by renowned academics and experts in the relevant fields, these books showcase Pakistan’s rich, varied, and evolving history.

Arshad Saeed Husain, Managing Director, Oxford University Press, while sharing his views said, “I am pleased to present our Platinum Series to the Karachi Press Club Library as it’s completely in line with our objective of delivering continued excellence in spread of education, research, and scholarship.”

He further added that, “We are committed to promoting the reading culture and to improving the intellectual content of life in Pakistan.”

“KPC represents the voice of the city and the journalists are playing their role as key opinion leaders, intellectuals and literati of our society. We signify the contribution and important role being played by the media in fields of education, literature, culture and tourism. All these areas are of great importance to us and we hope that this gesture will go a long way,” He concluded.

Saeed Khawar, Secretary, KPC Library Committee, said on the occasion, “We welcome this contribution by Oxford University Press as it will truly add value to the KPC Library. Karachi Press Club is the hub of journalists covering a vast number of beats and having access to such a broad spectrum of books is definitely a positive way towards responsible journalism.”

Arman Sabir, Secretary, Karachi Press Club, said “Highlighting the importance of education, literature and culture requires collaborative efforts from all stakeholders including government, regulators, academia, the media fraternity, and the private sector.”

He also said that,”It is only when we have synchronized our efforts, we will be able to combat the rising education crisis in the country. OUP, being the leading publishing house of Pakistan is on the right track as they are playing their role towards a collective action approach.”

Muhammad Imtiaz Khan Faran, President, Karachi Press Club, said “Putting importance of education and spread of literature on the agenda is the first step towards socioeconomic growth for Pakistan.”

The President of Karachi Press Club concluded the event, said,”This will lead to education quality and standards, something which OUP has been working towards since their inception. I would like to thank OUP for such a significant contribution to our library.”

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