CPEC parliamentary committee meets MNA to review projects under CPEC

Isamabad, August 7, 2019: The Parliamentary Committee on CPEC, met here today, at the Parliament House under the Chairmanship of Sher Ali Arbab, MNA to review the progress of different projects under CPEC.

According to Agenda the representative from the Ministry of Railway briefed the Committee about the ML-1 with the help of a detailed presentation comprising of project profile, projects scopes, project benefits, job opportunities, preliminary design, financial arrangements and project viability.

The Chairman remarked that since the Prime Minister of Pakistan has already directed on 29th July, 2019 that PC-1 be processed for consideration of CDWP and ECNEC at the earliest, therefore, Ministry of Railway may kindly keep this Committee may informed about the progress in next mecting being its vital importance for the success of the CPEC.

The Special Secretary, Ministry of Interior briefed the Committee about the overall security arrangements, its legal framework and challenges being faced by the CPEC projects.

The Chairman and the Members raised many questions on the working and capacity of the Special Security Division (SSD) with the direction to further improve the efficiency and professional capacity of the force leaving no space for anti-Pakistan elements to sabotage national objectives like CPEC.

The Secretary Power Division apprised the Committee on the provision of electricity to the proposed 03 early harvest Special Economic Zones and assured that their requests will be met out in the due course of the time without fail.

The Secretary Petroleum Division has also given their point of view along with the senior officers of the SNGPL and SSGPL regarding the provision of gas connections to SEZs on priority basis.

The Chairman asked the Board of Investment to coordinate a meeting with Ministry of Petroleum and concerned SEZs to prepare a working plan to address this very important issue within 3 weeks and report back to the Committee in its next meeting.

In the last, the Chairman asked the participants of the meeting to work hard in order to translate the CPEC project into reality with the spirit of with complete sincerity, national spirit and enthusiasm.

The meeting was attended by Noor Alam Khan, Sadaqat Ali Khan, Zille Huma, Ghous Bux Khan Mahar, Ahsan Iqbal Chaudhary, Mehnaz Akber Aziz, Raza Rabani Khar, Zahid Akram Durrani, Muhammad Aslam Bhootani, MNAs, Senator Mir Kabir Ahmed Muhammad Shahi, Senator Shehzad Waseem, Senator Khushbakht Shujat, Minister for Planning, Development and Reforms and the Secretaries, Ministry of Planning, Development & Reforms, Secretary Power Division, Special Secretary Ministry of Interior and senior officers of Provincial Governments.

Nasim Khalid director General/Secretary Parliamentary Committee for CPEC.

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