PIA Engineers successfully completed check ‘A’ on Boeing 777 airplane

Karachi, August 9, 2019: PIA Engineering set up at Lahore successfully completed Check ‘A’ on Boeing 777 (AP-BHV) after completing recommended flying hours.

The Lahore Engineering is now fully capable of performing B777 aircraft ‘A’ checks indigenously after being approved from Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA).

CEO PIA Air Marshal Arshad Malik said that this is a major step towards self-reliance of PIA Engineering. He congratulated Chief Technical Officer, Amir Ali and the Engineering team on successful completion of Check ‘A’ on Boeing 777 at Lahore. After enhancement of technical capability at Islamabad for A320s.

The Lahore Engineering base has also been upgraded for 777s. This will help not only in reducing expenses, save ground maintenance time, improve flight punctuality but also to earn extra revenue for PIA by providing services to other airlines.

It is worth mentioning that earlier Karachi was the only station approved to carry out maintenance checks of all types and aircraft had to be flown to Karachi. With Lahore base up-gradation it is now fully capable of B777 A checks.

Earlier Islamabad had been approved for A 320 higher checks few days back. PIA Engineering Department earlier last month also overhauled and recovered two long grounded aircraft which are now operational.

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