Chairman Peshawar Zalmi Javed Afridi awarded Hilal-E-Imtiaz

Islamabad, August 15, 2019: On the auspicious occasion of 14th August, Chairman Javed Afridi awarded Hilal-e-Imtiaz. It is a proud moment for all the Zalmi Fans and the youngsters who are sports enthusiasts.

The President of Pakistan gave the award to Javed Afridi for his philanthropic efforts and sports diplomacy ventures. It is a moment of pride for the sportsmen of Pakistan.

In his statement, Javed Afridi said that “I promised myself that I will serve for my nation and especially empower the youth. My efforts are solely for the people of Pakistan and it is an honor for me that the Government of Pakistan has awarded me with this honor.”

He further added “Peshawar has worked relentlessly to empower the youth of Pakistan and promote sports in Pakistan. We shall continue our mission. Foundation has also worked for the betterment of society in various fields and will continue to do so in the future. This is just the beginning.”

On this moment, I pledge to my nation that our efforts will increase and we will work with more passion and determination. It is our foremost duty and we shall try our best in achieving our milestones.

Javed Afridi thanks all the fans and supporters on our journey and hopes that they will continue supporting us in our endeavors.

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