IBA Karachi welcomes Class of 2023

Karachi, August 20, 2019: The Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi welcomed its batches of undergraduate, graduate, and post graduate programs through an orientation ceremony held at both the campuses.

The IBA has offered admission to more than 1200 undergraduate students in 6 undergraduate programs and more than 600 graduate students in 8 graduate programs, while 5 students were enrolled in 2 post graduate programs.

Head of Corporate Relations and Communications Department, Ms. Malahat Awan welcomed the student body by giving them an overview of the IBA experience.

Associate Dean, Dr. Sayeed Ghani, emphasized the institute’s core values – tolerance, humility, truth, integrity and urged the students to seek guidance from these values while making everyday decisions.

Executive Director Dr. Farrukh Iqbal cited the competitive nature of the various programs by highlighting how only 15 percent of more than 10,000 applicants were selected. He also highlighted the diverse nature of IBA’s curriculum by emphasizing how students have opportunities to take electives from other departments. “You should immerse yourself in a culture that may be different from the ones that you have been used to, as the IBA’s culture is conducive to broadening your educational and intellectual capacities”.

Later, the various program directors emphasized about the features and interdisciplinary nature of their respective programs which allows students to diversify and broaden their skillset. The sessions culminated with a question and answer session followed by a campus tour for the freshmen.

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