PALS RESCUE initiates Safe Canal Project in Khairpur

Karachi, August 27, 2019: Pakistan Life Saving Foundation (PALS Rescue), the country’s only privately run, near-shore drowning prevention and rescue body has initiated its ‘Safe Canal Project’ that will provide four of Khairpur’s villages protection against drowning. The pilot project was recently inaugurated by Dr. Nafisa Shah, MNA and Vice President of Pakistan Peoples Party, Sindh Chapter. 

The Safe Canal Project aims at creating a safety net for local villagers who are at risk of drowning, especially while performing chores associated with canal water. Under this project, Khairpur’s villagers have been provided with safety equipment to safeguard themselves, especially women and children against accidents which had earlier been prevalent along canal banks. 

This pilot project which is part of an envisioned, large scale development connects a buoying net across the width of the canal with supporting poles, along with lifejackets at each side. Anyone going close to the canal will be required to wear these jackets which will serve as deterrence against drowning, while the net would help the person swim back to a safe location. 

“This unique idea will undoubtedly become a catalyst in bringing about change in the developing world as it’s not just cost effective but also something that is easy to install and maintain,” said Dr. Nafisa Shah, “PALS Rescue has been supportive in the past also and the organisation has proven to be one that we can look forward to when issues pertaining to life-saving arise.”

“We aim to make our water bodies safe and minimise any risk associated with precious lives around,” said Reza Samad, Founder and President of PALS Rescue, “We started with setting up a life-saving organisation for the beaches of Karachi in 2004 and The Safe Canal Project is a step forward as far as reaching out to more people in need is concerned.”

Till date, PALS Rescue has employed more than 1,000 lifeguards and saved over 5,500 lives, and provides protection to 8 million beach visitors on an annual basis. It has also carried out 565,550 preventive actions amidst extremely challenging weather conditions.

It was founded as an NGO in July 2004 out of the sheer necessity to commence a free service that would provide life-saving facilities at the beaches of Karachi. PALS Rescue now employs more than 250 highly trained lifeguards representing the fishing community while the demand for their services doubles during the monsoon season. 

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