PSX stock brokers assiciation fecilitates Khalid Mirza reinstated as chairman: SECP

Karachi, August 29, 2019: The Managing Committee at PSX Stockbrokers Association (PSA) on behalf of its members and TREC Holders / Stock Brokers of Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) felicitates Prof. Khalid Mirza, for being reinstated as Chairman – Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan – Policy Board.

He is fully aware of the issues contributing in continuous decline of the Stock Market and we acknowledge the professionalism as well as untiring and rigorous efforts, he made earlier in his capacity.

We would be pleased to render all possible assistance to him in connection with implementation of the required capital market reforms and particularly his endeavors to facilitate the ease of doing business, essentially in relaxing onerous regulations and by reducing the cost of doing business.

We look forward that the Commission will effectively carry forward the reform initiatives underway, in order to significantly enhance stock market operations, enabling the market to become a viable instrument for the mobilization and allocation of resources.

We sincerely pray and hope that Mr. Mirza will do his best to achieve the mission and agenda as set by the policy board formerly, under his leadership.

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