World community urged to come forward on humanitarian basis to support Kashmiris: Analysts

Karachi, September 2, 2019: Analysts on Monday urged that the world powers should force India to de-escalate the situation and resolve outstanding issues through peaceful dialogues as India’s Hindu supremacist ideology is a great threat to regional peace.

Talking in a Radio programme, analyst says that the international media and general public had criticized India for gross violations of the human rights in Kashmir and changing its status which is success of Pakistan at diplomatic level.

Analyst from USA Farhat Haq said the BJP government policy will certainly undermine the secular provisions of Indian Constitution and will not only pose grave threat to the survival of Muslims of India alone but also followers of other religions.

Farhat Haq said the western countries have expressed concerns that the escalating tensions between two nuclear states may lead to a nuclear war.

He said Pakistan’s diplomacy has been effective at the time and the perception of the international community has changed and Indian policies have been condemned.

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