Voices raised in Hong Kong International trade exhibition on continued serious human violations by India


Karachi, September 6, 2019: Pakistani exporters taking timely advantage of this exhibition expressed complete solidarity & reaffirm support of Pakistani nation with the “Sieged & oppressed “people of India – held Kashmir who have been living under strict curfew and other crippling conditions for over a month.

A delegation of exhibitors of All Pakistan Fruit & Vegetable Exporters, Importers & Merchants Association (PFVA) which participated in the exhibition “Asia Fruit Logistica” 4-6 Sep, 2019 held in Hong King promoted delicious and colorful apples of Kashmir. Pakistani flag along with the flags of Kashmir were displayed together on the Pakistani stalls in the exhibition and foreign buyers were apprised of the human atrocities by the Indian forces in the occupied Jammu & Kashmir.

According Waheed Ahmed, Patron-in-Chief PFVA the objective of promoting Kashmiri’s produces first time in the exhibition was to draw the attention of International community towards serious human rights violation by the Indian forces which continues in the occupied valley and Pakistani exporters achieved brilliant success in attainment of this objective.

Thousands of visitors in the exhibition expressed deep interest in Kashmiri apples while Pakistani exporters also briefed them about on- going serious human rights’ violation by the Indian forces keeping the people of occupied Kashmir in awful “ Jail –like conditions” . They also informed the visitors about likely violent reaction from people of Kashmir after 32 days of continuous lock down situation in the valley once the curfew is lifted.

The way honourable Prime Minister of Pakistan has highlighted this serious human issue of oppressed Kashmiri’s people on the International forums, it was really commendable and this has also stimulated the private sector to play it’s role effectively by highlighting this human tragedy in a peaceful manner before the World by exposing the atrocities and serious human violation the Indian Govt. turning deaf ear to the voices being raised from different nations – Waheed stated.

The Association (PFVA) would keep playing it’s role of promoting fruits vegetables and other products from Kashmir till the time the oppressed people of the occupied Kashmir do not get their right of self-determination – Waheed said . We will keep on conveying the message on behalf of the Kashmiri people to the world through the platform of the International exhibitions about cruel acts and serious human right violations by the Indian forces by becoming “voice” of these miserable Kashmiri people . Waheed further added.

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