Pakistani IT firms serving NASA to protect against cyber threats

Karachi, September 20, 2019: Pakistan-based IT firms are serving the world leading aeronautical and space research administration, NASA, and international governments to protect them against cyber threats.

“On the other hand, our local financial institutions, the government and security agencies spend billions of dollars to import IT infrastructure and software to get protected against cyber attacks,” Syed Ahmed, Chairman, Pakistan Software House Association (PASHA) said while speaking at the 17th e-banking conference organized by Total Communications on Thursday.

He said that the time has come when the local stakeholders; the government, local security agencies and financial institutions should trust their own Pakistan-based IT firms. They are having the world class expertise and capable enough to help fighting against cyber threats and deliver other technology driven solutions.

He said the incumbent government is striving hard to increase its exports, reduce imports and create import substitutes to create a balance between its foreign earning and income with the prime objective of narrowing down current account deficit (CAD).

“The local IT firms may fulfill the purpose in Naya Pakistan, as they are capable helping reducing software imports worth billions of dollars, while they are having potential to export IT infrastructure and software worth around $10 billion per year,” Ahmed said.

Pakistan exports IT and software worth around $3-5 billion per year at present.

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