Rundown is a delight for Pakistani newsreaders

Karachi, September 23, 2019: News outlets have seen a rapid progression from traditional sources like newspapers, radio, and television, to digital innovations like news blogs, online news sites, and social networks.

In such a high choice news-environment, the 21st-century individual never has time to consume it all. Thus, one has to make choices about which news they consume and how they do it. 

Thanks to technology, a host of newspapers are now available online. Yet, they are not the preferred medium for a vast chunk of Pakistanis. Does this come as a surprise? No. Long newspaper articles are time-consuming to read, tricky to understand and seemingly irrelevant.

The younger generation, especially, lacks the motivation and attention span required for this consistent consumption but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you avoid reading news altogether! After all, who wants to be dismissed as a dumb person?

Question is: can news be provided to us in a way that’s straightforward and more interesting? It can. The Rundown is a news site launched by two individuals to cater to local readers who want to stay up-to-date with the most important bits of news. The Rundown, which literally means summary, delivers locally-focused, meaningful news every weekday. No celebrity gossip, no clickbaity content. The Rundown values only serious news and aims to promote readership through its platform. 

The design of The Rundown site also makes it shine among the rest. The layout is both eye-catching and easy-to-maneuver for users. A timeline of weekdays on its homepage allows easy navigation towards news from any day you like. When it comes to ease and simplicity, of both news and design, The Rundown hits the nail on the head.

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