Trump’s Statement about Islamic Terrorism

Dr Ramesh Vankwani writes letter to the US President

Islamabad, September 24, 2019: Patron-in-chief of Pakistan Hindu Council Dr Ramesh Kumar Vankwani has shown anger and displeasure on the recent statement by the US President Donald Trump about “Islamic Terrorism”.

In a letter written to the US President, Dr Ramesh Kumar, who is also prominent member of Pakistani Parliament, said that the Trump’s statement is very worrisome for every human being who believes in interfaith harmony, serving humanity and respect of all religions. He further emphasized that terrorism has no religion, and attributing such curse with the religion is in fact very regrettable.

“I am deeply shocked by the news reports in which you tried to link terrorism with Islam, and the purpose of writing this letter is to record my protest in this regard,” Dr Ramesh stated. He was of the view that the statement also resulted into hurting sentiments of billions of people, belonging to all religions who resides across the globe.

“It is worth to note that all religions, either Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism or any other,  forbid killing of innocent people, and urge strict punishment against culprits,” he said, urging that all Islamic countries, after the tragic 9-11 attacks,  had extended cooperation with the US to lead the war against terrorism.

Dr Ramesh Kumar, in his letter, further highlighted that Islamic Republic of Pakistan is front line state to fight against terrorism, and still people of Pakistan are offering huge sacrifices. “Therefore, being Pakistani citizen, I believe that your statement is very painful for entire Pakistani nation,” Dr Ramesh stated.

“Being the country head of only Super Power, heavy responsibilities lie on your shoulders to resolve conflicts for the sake of world peace,” Dr Ramesh Vankwani emphasized, adding that the US President ‘s desire to act as mediator for solving long-awaiting Kashmir issue was ray of hope for all peace-loving people.  He also termed past efforts by Trump to bring both Korean countries closer historical, stating that it also earned a lot of respect in the eyes of Pakistani people.

“It is therefore my sincere request to kindly take your words back and play your neutral role to resolve all worldly conflicts peacefully without any bias or prejudice.  Otherwise I am afraid that your statement would actually empower some extremist elements to carry on their agenda of hatred and violence against innocent people in the name of religion,” Dr Ramesh Vankwani concluded.

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