Prime Minister Imran Khan historic speech at 74th UN general assembly 2019

United Nations, September 28, 2019: Prime Minister Imran Khan has raised his voice for the Muslim Ummah, Pakistan and Kashmiris and has spoken boldly and courageously, in fact, Khan has interpreted the entire Muslim Ummah’s aspirations.

PM Khan has sent a message to the world that the world peace is in equality, the rights West gives its people the same rights that the West gives to other nations, then the injustice will be end from this world.

Imran Khan made it clear that Islam or any religion does not cause terrorism or promote Injustice and oppression promote extremism and terrorism.

The way Prime Minister Imran Khan exposed India’s ambitions, presents Kashmir case to UN, its hard to find the example of this action in the history of Pakistan.

After fighting Millat Islamia’s case, Imran Khan is not only the leader of Pakistan but emerged as the great leader of Muslim Ummah. The whole Pakistani nation is with Imran Khan and we salute our Prime Minister.

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