Low gas pressure, disrupting production activities in site industries

Prime Minister Imran Khan to take notice of the situation. Suleman Chawla

Karachi, December 18, 2019: Mohammad Suleman Chawla, President, SITE Association of Industry, expressed deep concern over low gas pressure in the site industrial area, due to low gas pressure industrial production activities have been hampered and timely fulfillment of export orders has been in jeopardy.

Mr. Chawla has requested Prime Minister Imran Khan to take notice of this dire situation and instruct the SSGC to supply gas with pressure as per the demand of the industries.

In a statement, Suleman Chawla said that with the advent of winter, gas pressure has started to decline and the situation has reached the point that due to low pressure it is very difficult to continue production activities in industries.

“Due to the tax crisis and the ongoing economic crisis in the country, exporters are avoiding new orders and now industries will not be able to deliver timely delivery of foreign orders in case of non-availability of Gas, which will negatively affect foreign buyers”. He said

Mr. Chawla said that 60% of the industries in the site run on gas and the it is basic raw material of the textile sector, which is the largest contributor to domestic exports, production activities are hampered due to low gas pressure which puts the timely completion of export orders at risk and it is likely that export orders will be canceled if timely orders are not fulfilled, will be huge financial loses for exporters, will also have a negative impact on domestic exports.

President Site Association addressing the MD Sui Southern Gas Company(SSGC), said that SSGC will have to take practical steps to address this serious problem facing industries. Ensure supply of gas with the required pressure and allow industries to continue their production activities, if SSGC fails to do so, then Sui Southern Gas will be responsible for endangering domestic exports.

Suleman Chawla said that ensuring the supply of gas to the industries will only cause the industrial wheel to rotate and the export will also be promoted.

He urged the Prime Minister to issue immediate instructions to Sui Southern Gas Company to ensure gas supply with full pressure to the industries in the best economic interest of the country, so that production activities could be continued in the industries and foreign orders were timely fulfilled, by doing these steps, The Prime Minister’s vision to boost domestic exports can be met.

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