Indian RD marked as Black Day; British Pakistanis, Kashmiris, Sikhs protest outside Indian HC

London, January 27, 2020: Thousands of British Pakistani, Kashmiri and Sikh community held a big demonstration outside Indian High Commission on Sunday afternoon to mark January 26, Indian Republic day as “Black day”.

They on the occasion expressed solidarity with the defenseless people of
Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir, facing illegal occupation of their motherland by India and gross violation of human rights for the last 72 years.

Opposition leader of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Assembly Chaudhry Muhammad Yasin, Chairman South Asia Center for Peace and Human Rights (UK), Prof.Nazir Ahmed Shall, Upkar Singh Rai of Nations Without States (UK) and other leaders men women and children belonging to different walks of life participated in the protest in large number.

The speakers on the occasion in their speeches made against Narendara Modi-led Indian government urged the United Nations and the international community including the United Kingdom (UK) to put pressure on India to stop massive human rights violations on innocent people of IOK, end siege and lockdown of the occupied valley and create a conducive environment for holding of UN-sponsored plebiscite in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir to allow its people to decide their future destiny.

The participants also expressed their solidarity with the people of Indian
occupied Kashmir who despite Indian forces oppressions and massive violations of human rights were struggling for their inalienable right to self-determination and
freedom from Indian yoke.

The participants who were carrying placards inscribing slogans “We want
freedom”, “Freedom is our right, India free Kashmir”, “Modi butcher murdabad”, “Indian occupation troops get out of Kashmir”, ” We want right of self-determination and freedom from Indian yoke”, “International community help us” “Stop Modi from genocide of Kashmiris”, “India the biggest terrorist state in the world”,” Impose economic sanctions against India for the genocide of Muslims in occupied Kashmir” “Kashmiris want justice from the International community and the UK”, ” Where is UN on Kashmir issue”, “Kashmiris are human without human rights”, etc.

The participants also raised slogans for freedom of Kashmir and Khalistan from Indian subjugation.

They on the occasion vowed to continue their freedom struggle till the realization of the birthright to self determination and complete freedom from India.

They were also chanting anti-India and anti-Modi and pro-freedom slogans
strongly condemned the Indian forces atrocities being perpetrated against
innocent people of Indian occupied Kashmir to crush their the indigenous struggle to the right of self-determination granted to them by the United Nation Security Council some seventy years ago.

The participants rejected the Indian government’s August 5 decision of the scrapping of Articles 370 and 35 in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir and termed it an attempt to alter the the the demographic structure of the occupied region.

Later, talking to media Chaudhly Muhammad Yasin said that people of Kashmir on both sides of Line of Control (LOC) and across the world were observing the so-called Indian Republic day as black day.

He thanked the participants including the Sikh community for protesting
outside Indian High Commission to mark its republic day as “Black day”.

He strongly condemned Indian forces atrocities on defenseless people of
Indian Occupied Kashmir and demanded the international community to stop India for this inhuman action and force India to grant right of self-determination to the people of Indian occupied Kashmir.

He reiterated that Kashmiris would continue their struggle till the realization of their birth right to self determination and complete freedom from Indian subjugation.

He also urged the international community and human rights organization to force India to end the lockdown of IOK which is continuing since August 5.

Nazir Ahmed Shall in his remarks lauded Prime Minister Imran Khan for
highlighting Kashmir issue at Devos.

He also thanked people and government of Pakistan for expressing their
solidarity with the people of Indian occupied Kashmir for the birthright to

Nazir Shall called for implementation of UNSC resolutions on Kashmir for ensuring durable peace and prosperity in South Asia.

Later, the participants of the rally dispersed peacefully.

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