Crown group invests PKR 2 billion in electric vehicles plant

Karachi, February 21, 2020: Crown Group has recently organized the market testing and sales display of its exclusive range of CROWNE Electric Vehicles which includes two, three and four-wheelers, which will enable users to drive 1km in only PKR 1.25.

The electric vehicles will be locally manufactured at the Groups newly built 26 acre Port Qasim facility. Having an initial production capacity of 120,000 units per annum, the Group has already invested PKR 2 billion on the plant in the first phase.

Based on the yet to be announced EV Policy which claims 1% customs duty on CKD parts and 5% sales tax, the company has set the display and testing price of the four-wheeler electric car for PKR 400,000 whereas the display and testing prices for electric three-wheeler car and two-wheeler scooty for PKR 300,000 and PKR 55,000 respectively.

Moreover, the three-wheeler rickshaw (two-in-one) comes in both electric and engine equipped with manual switching options at a display price of PKR 300,000 and 250,000 respectively.

The electric vehicles includes a vast range of a four and three-wheeler car, two and three-wheeler scooty’s, cargo loaders, three-wheeler two-in-one, three-wheeler nine-seater, garbage trucks and ambulance. All electric vehicles comes with an option of getting a factory installed engine as well for those who wish to use the vehicle for longer routes.

The market testing sales and display ceremony of CROWNE vehicles took place at local banquet with the presence of dignitaries from Crown Group including Chairman Crown Group, Mr. M. Farhan Hanif, Managing Director, S.M Kashif Qaseem, Business Development Director, Crown Group – Mr. Zohaib Farhan among others.

On the ceremony, Chairman Crown Group, Mr. M. Farhan Hanif stated: “It is an honour for us to unveil the exclusive range of CROWNE vehicles. The automobile and oil industry are currently facing numerous issues which are reflecting on the citizens of Pakistan. With this range of Electronic vehicles, we plan to overcome those challenges and present the industry with variety of innovative, convenient and affordable vehicles for their everyday use”.

Crown is a leading brand in the two and three wheeler industries of Pakistan and the only local consumer brand that exports to international markets while offering solutions for all segments of the industry within Pakistan. Crown Group has the largest network of spare parts and service in Pakistan with 62,000 retailers, wholesalers and workshops on board.

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