GOP to declare export at par with essential services

  • PM to given instructions to Pak Missions abroad to recommend buyers not to cancel orders of Pakistani Exporters: PHMA Chairman Salamat Ali

Karachi, March 30, 2020: “Textile Export Industries appeal the Prime Minister of Pakistan to consider export at par with essential services and give special instructions to the Ambassadors, Consul Generals and Trade Officer/ Commercial Counsellors designated abroad in Pakistan’s Embassies and Consulates in friendly countries to immediately approach the concerned Ministries/ Departments/ Buyers in respective countries with recommendations to maintain business with their Pakistani counterparts and not to cancel the textile orders given to Pakistani exporters.”, Chaudhry Salamat Ali, Central Chairman, Pakistan Hosiery Manufacturers & Exporters Association (PHMA) appealed to the Prime Minister Imran Khan.

PHMA Central Chairman Salamat Ali in his letter to the Prime Minister emphasized on the need to use the Pakistani Foreign Missions abroad convincing the buyers to maintain their business with Pakistani counterparts and not to cancel the textile orders given to the Pakistani Textile Industries.

Pakistan’s major Textile export destinations are USA, EU, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, and Japan. Reportedly, many foreign buyers have cancelled their orders, several buyers have asked to slowdown production, however, it is dire need of the time to make best possible efforts to maintain business with foreign buyers in order to sustain exports in the interest of country. 

Chaudhry Salamat Ali apprised that Textile exports sector contribute to more than 50 percent to the national exports and this sector is also labour-intense which provides highest employment to human workforce.

Thus, PHMA believe that export should also be treated at par with essential service being the highest foreign exchange earner and employment provider.

Chaudhry Salamat Ali appreciated announcement of Federal Government to allow textile export industry to complete their orders in progress likely to be completed in 3 to 5 days taking all precautionary and preventive measures. Nonetheless, the industries are totally closed in view of complete lockdown.

Many PHMA member exporters have approached stating that they have export orders in progress which will be completed in next few days, provided the Government allows to operate the industries. Exporters are highly perturbed and want to complete their pending/ in process export orders so that they may complete export consignments and send shipments in next few days to avoid colossal financial losses.

Salamat Ali requested the Prime Minister to order the Provincial Governments to fully facilitate the textile export industries in their respective provinces to give special permissions to those export industries having export orders in process to complete as quick as possible, taking necessary precautionary and preventive measures, as many requests were lying pending with the Provincial Governments in this regard.

He apprised that the Export industries are conscientious of COVID19 and have taken all special preventive measures, whereby, majority of industries had previously, before lockdown, made arrangements of sensing temperatures of workers, observance cough or flu condition, installed sanitizers at the time offices, regular fumigation, arranged dedicated private transport for workers and only those workers were allowed to work who were found fit to perform their jobs.

Facilitation and special permission to export industry for completion of pending orders is crucial otherwise, the losses of export industry will multiply and textile exports will face drastic decline, hence, indulgence of Prime Minister in this regard is highly solicited, in the national interest and to mitigate decline of exports. The Textile Industry assures the Government its highest considerations and support.

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