Lockdown forced industrial workers on starvation

SITE industrialists call to utilize SESSI, EOBI ad Workers Welfare Funds to compensate workers

Karachi, April 02, 2020: Suleman Chawla, President, SITE Association of Industry calls for the utilization of SESSI, EOBI and Workers Welfare Fund for the industrial workers to save them from starvation.

He appealed to Sindh government that 16 to 17 thousand industries of Karachi contribute billions of rupees on account of SESSI, EOBI and Workers Welfare Fund, which are lying idol in the banks, and this is the time to utilize these funds to compensate workers. Mr. Chawla

He informed that taking into consideration of the current situation, SITE Association of Industry has setup “Rapid Response Team” to provide rashan and medical facilities to the industrial workers at their door steps. He said that millions of workers are dependent on the industries of Karachi and due to lockdown industrial activities are at stand still position, if this situation continues for next 10-15 days industrialists would be unable to pay their workers’ salaries and other benefits.

He said that this is right time that the funds available with Sindh Government o account of SESSI and Workers Welfare Fund should be utilized to save industries to pay salaries of the workers and to cover their medical expenses.

Mr. Suleman Chawla urged the Chief Minister to provide funds from SESSI and Workers Welfare Fund to SITE Association of Industry so that the Association could compensate at least 500,000 worker’s families and provide them free of cost rashan and medical facilities at their doorstep. He emphasized that these funds would be utilized for the workers of those factories who have not taken any loans from the banks and are working on their own capital.

He said that in case of extension of lockdown which is evident the workers would be most affected people and their families would suffer severely. It is the duty of the Sindh Government that the amount collected for the benefits of the workers must be utilized at this point of time. Mr. Chawla proposed that other town associations’ services could also be utilized in this regard.

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