IPR Laws efficiently enforced on imports and exports

Karachi, March 22, 2021: An Awareness Session on IPR Enforcement was organized by FPCCI Central Standing Committee on Customs on 19th March 2021 at Federation House Karachi. Nyma Batool, Director, Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Enforcement was invited as the presenter by Shabbir Hassan Mansha, to deliver and discuss the matters of mutual interest particularly relating to IPR Enforcement with the Trade Bodies.

During initial discussions with the Director IPO, Mian Nasser Hyatt Maggo, President FPCCI briefed the activities of FPCCI and its close liaison with the FPCCI and the Custom Authorities, he emphasized that the IPR may play an active role for necessary facilitation to the Importers and exporters who are facing serious difficulties relating to their consignments. He suggested that the timely support and facilitation to the business houses by IPR may strengthen the business activities of the Importers and Exporters.

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The Convener of the Customs Committee Shabbir Hassan Mansha emphasized the issues particularly the importers and exporters who are facing serious difficulties for their business transactions, which may be because of lack of awareness of the policies and procedures of the IPR. He further said the interaction of FPCCI and IPR by arrangements of similar sessions and meetings will facilitate the business houses.

In response, Nyma Batool, Director, Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Enforcement shared the procedures and working of the Directorate General of IPR Enforcement by a comprehensive presentation. Amongst other relevant information, she informed the participants that the Directorate is working in the light of SRO 170(I)/2017 dated 16-03-2017 enforcing the IPR Laws efficiently on imports and exports consignments.

During the session, she cited various cases wherein the counterfeit products efficiently detected and seized accordingly for destruction such as Cosmetics, plastic containers/bottles, batteries, auto parts, and products, Tooth Brushes, Pharmaceutical, Food items, Chemical products, etc. on the import side, wherein on the export side the goods include Rice, Surgicals, Sports Goods, Textiles, Counterfeit Footballs, etc.

It was informed that all the goods seized whether relevant to exports or imports are destroyed accordingly without getting them auctioned so that the products seized cannot be marketed in Pakistan. With all IPR efforts the name of Pakistan has been removed from US Watch List effectively (US Special 301 Reports). During the session, the representatives of the trade bodies praised the efforts of the Directorate General of IPR Enforcement in respect of its effective seizures of counterfeit products.

Mr. Hanif Lakhani, Mr. Nasir Khan, Vice Presidents of FPCCI, and Khurram Ijaz, former Vice President FPCCI, stressed for more interactive sessions so that the menace of infringement, copyright violations along with patents of the trademark violations could be eliminated. The Session was attended by all stakeholders who discussed various matters relating to IPR Enforcement.

The Director, IPR Enforcement, invited the trade bodies to visit the office of IPR Enforcement South Karachi to see the gallery of seized goods in this respect. 

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