aiBANK launches Upfront-Interest time deposit with an advance return of up to 15%

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This step reflects the bank’s vision to provide innovative and diverse banking products that meet the needs of various customer segments and enhance the bank’s position in the banking services market.

Cairo, 6 September, 2023: aiBANK, a leading provider of integrated retail, corporate, and Islamic banking solutions in Egypt, announced the launch of the upfront-interest time deposit with a return of up to 15%, paid in advance with a minimum deposit requirement of 500,000 Egyptian pounds and its multiples without a maximum limit. This time deposit allows for periods of up to 6 months with the possibility of withdrawal at any time, subject to terms and conditions.

This step has been made as part of the bank’s strategy to provide diverse banking services and offer the latest services and products in the Egyptian banking market, including short-term deposits that meet the needs of customers who wish to invest their money for short periods. These time deposits have the following privileges:  availability for both individuals and juridical persons, receiving interest in advance on the same day, the possibility of borrowing against the deposit subject to terms and conditions, and a competitive interest rate based on the duration of the deposit.

Sherif Nada, Chief of Retail and Branches Network at aiBANK, stated that the bank is striving to maximize the benefits for its customers. This upfront-interest time deposit has been designed with the aim of paying the full interest upon depositing of the funds, allowing customers to benefit from the interest in advance and avoid any changes in rates amid current local and global challenges. This is part of aiBANK’s commitment to satisfying its customers by providing exceptional and competitive services, as well as utilizing cutting-edge tech that enhances our performance and enables us to elevate the quality of our banking services.

Moreover, Mohamed Abdel Monsef, Head of Retail Products Development at aiBANK, added that the bank aims to acquire a larger market share in the banking industry as part of its efforts to expand in Egypt and align with the latest developments in the dynamic banking sector. This is achieved through the introduction of new banking products targeting different segments of individuals and corporate customers. For example, aiBANK has issued Egyptian Pound certificates for a period of three years with an annual return of up to 18%, available exclusively for individual customers. Additionally, US Dollar certificates have been launched for a three-year period with an annual return of up to 5.30%. Furthermore, the bank has introduced the Savings Plus account with a monthly return of up to 15%.

aiBANK operates through a wide network of 33 branches across Egypt. The bank continues its efforts to expand and open new branches in Cairo, the Delta region, and Upper Egypt in the near future, with the aim of providing banking services to a larger number of customers in all areas. Moreover, aiBANK is working on expanding its ATM network to cover most vital locations, aiming to provide easy access and convenient availability for customers at any time and place.

This follows the signing of a long-term partnership agreement with Visa to provide customers with a new integrated package of e-payment solutions and a comprehensive range of innovative products and services tailored to modern digital payment preferences. aiBANK also launched aiPremier Elite, a new segment offering tailored for high-net-worth clients, representing an exclusive package of unique benefits and services. Additionally, the bank announced its partnership with InstaPay this year, enabling customers to instantly transfer funds between bank accounts, cards, and digital wallets using their mobile phones, reaffirming the bank’s commitment to enhancing digital payment solutions and promoting a cashless society.


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