WATCH: Babar Azam completes Punjabi film dialogues with fan

Babar Azam Punjabi interaction

India, Hyderabad, October 04, 2023: The Pakistani skipper Babar Azam created a heartwarming moment with a cross-border fan during the ICC Captain’s Day ahead of the ICC World Cup 2023.

A video circulating on the internet went viral after Babar Azam was seen engaging with his Indian fan by fluently completing the dialogues from the Indian Punjabi movie “Carry On Jatta.”

His grasp of the Punjabi language and his ability to connect with his fans from India left everyone in awe.

The comments section burst with joy and appreciation from the fans from both sides of the border.

The Pakistani skipper Babar Azam’s gesture not only showcased his love for the game but also highlighted the power of sports in the friendship between nations.

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