Flour price fixed at Rs127/kg

Flour price

Karachi, November 03, 2023 : The retail price of flour has been fixed at Rs127 per kg in Karachi.

The development comes after the successful negotiations between Karachi Commissioner Salim Rajput and the flour mills association. In the meeting, the mills association agreed to sell the flour at Rs127 in the retail market and Rs120 per kg in the wholesale market of the city.

The price of fine flour has been fixed at Rs130 per kg in the wholesale market and Rs134 in the retail market.

Meanwhile, Karachi Commissioner Salim Rajput said a meeting with the bakery owners and tandoor association is scheduled to take place tomorrow. The meeting will slash the rates of naan, roti, bread and other bakery products.

Separately, the prices of sugar, flour and other essential items have jacked up at utility stores across Pakistan.

As per details, the report issued regarding the prices of grocery items stated that the price of sugar is Rs 155 in Utility Stores where the price in open market stands at Rs 142.54 which is Rs 12.46 less than in utility stores.

Similarly, the price of a 20 kg flour bag is Rs 2840 at Utility Stores whereas in the open market, the price is Rs 2706.32 which is Rs133.68 less than in Utility Stores.

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